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Donkey, Xote!

In number 121, our last podcast before Edinburgh* – so a week off next week before the ten-a-fortnight onslaught, kids! – we catch up with the Russian parasailing donkey; come up with a porn name for Toy Story 3; create a Utopian vision of how the remake of The A-Team might unite father and son, or father and bag of sperm; investigate the embalming properties of Vocalzone pastilles; wonder what would happen if Russell Brand became locked to Richard’s girlfriend in death and Richard got off with Katy Perry at their joint funeral; and keep Richard’s clinical exhaustion at bay by arguing about whether or not he should wait until he’s Scotty off of Star Trek‘s age before having a Paul Carr-style son and then blasting his remains off into infinity and beyond. [see previous week’s podcast pic for Paul Carr.]

*May not be up yet, but it’s in the right hands, so will be soon


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13 responses to “Donkey, Xote!

  1. Anonymous Spanish animated film of same name.Nice hair Andrew.

  2. Anonymous

    Please Mr Collings…can you tell me. What podcasts you recommend in the absence of C&H for the next few weeks?ThanksPS. Love the show Steve

  3. Dear Anon (don't normally allow anonymous posts here, but you seem nice enough) …First of all, there will only be one week with no Collings & Herrin podcast, as we are doing five live shows a week up there, all of which will be available to download on the day, all being well: Aug 11-15, 18-22, with probably another week off after that. However, should you wish to listen to another podcast, I can recommend Answer Me This, Perfect Ten, Precious Little and Doubling Up. As well as Word magazine's, which isn't comedy but always promises urbane and witty chat from grown-ups. Give any of these a try.

  4. Anonymous

    I find it funny that "Collings is a bummer" has spread beyond the confines of the British Library toilets. I've also seen a couple of samples of Collings grouting vandalism – one in The Bedford in Balham, and another in Brighton, can't remember the pub name. I'm quite surprised Richard isn't encouraging it more, though.Chris Brooke

  5. I do not find it funny, for the reasons stated above (and pilloried on this week's podcast by Enemy Of Cleaners Richard Herring).

  6. Anonymous

    I can't decide whether your misdirected concern is part of what makes it funny, though. Patently, no harm is done to anyone when somebody writes a tiny tiny message to fellow Collings & Herrin fans, in pencil, in the grouting of a toilet wall. I think that your concern for a low-paid worker's fictional extra effort might more be a concern about not liking being the butt of this particular joke. Which you're not, really – it's just something that came from you, because you were obsessed with cottaging graffiti and someone decided to use the medium to communicate with you.I've listened to too much Collings & Herrin, evidently. But the fact remains – you have your very own organically-grown "STEPHEN!" sitting there waiting to be put into full force. Richard just needs to activate the troops, and it's surprising that he hasn't yet done so.Chris Brooke

  7. Paul Carr

    I'm more than willing to be formally adopted by Richard. In fact, for all I know, he could actually be my dad. It's not that likely that a 7 year old Herring had sex with my 32 year old mother in 1975 and as you no doubt understand, contemplating such a thing is anathema to me. But I'm willing to entertain the possibility that it happened if it means I can rudely interrupt the podcast next week and demand to be taken to Westfield Shopping Centre for a Happy Meal.

  8. This segment from Toy Story 2 and the effect it had on me, means that I'm genuinely afraid to go and see Toy Story 3 for fear of a major emotional collapse.

  9. Mark

    Humans just like to write stuff on walls and there's nothing we (even Andrew Collings) can do about it and it would possibly be a minor breach of folk's right to free and natural expression should we (or Andrew Collings) try:

  10. Anonymous

    I've seen "Collings is bum-tastic" before (in the ICA toilets I think). And I've seen a couple of "did you know?" graffiti questions as well (can't remember where), concerning how gay Collings is, as a percentage number.All good stuff, I thought.Thom Edkins

  11. Anonymous

    "Gay"-I-O-T-M, lol I am homophobic, lolDavis Greenaway

  12. Anonymous

    What is the history of the "boglin" face that Andrew often does for these podcast pictures? It's funny!Julie Rawson

  13. There is no history. It is my face!

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