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The Pride Of Scotland Pts 1-3

So, the Collings & Herrin Live Podcasts at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 at the GRV have begun in earnest. (Read about our antics at the Fringe on my blog and Richard’s blog, in way more detail than you could ever have imagined.)

You can download Podcast 122 in its entirety.

In the first of ten live podcasts recorded at the GRV at the Edinburgh Fringe (but still officially number 122), we set the scene for our tenure in the land of the incomprehensible town name: the Young Ones-style flat, Justin Moorhouse’s role as the kitchen Buddha, the capacity of the tall bedrooms to accommodate a human pyramid featuring Tom Wrigglesworth and the tallest of the Penny Dreadfuls, and the intrigue of the washing up rota. Coping with the very real possibility of a beer-batter-related toxic accident, the spectre of Herring distracts himself by indulging in some PG-rated banter with our audience, some of which involves his “disco stick”. Sponsored by Wet Ones, which are just the thing after a wet one.

You can download the numerically historic Podcast 123 in anything but its entirety, as my laptop killed it due to the interminable nature of my recollections about Celebrity Masterchef – you’re left with a 2 min 46 sec introduction, plus a ten-minute living room table apology and spat.

APOLOGY: Unless you were among the 80 or so quiet and judgmental people who attended the live recording of Podcast 123 – numerically historic – you will not be able to experience it in your ears. Because GarageBand broke. Naturally, as those who were there will confirm (it’s a bit like being at the Sex Pistols gig at the Manchester Free Trade Hall), it was the best podcast ever recorded, and at no point did we dither or alienate the audience or make idiots of ourselves by talking about Wet Ones, the 7/7 atrocity, the Lockerbie bomber, pork scratchings, Dundee Paratrooper the cloned bull, the previous night’s Masterchef, Big John Little John, bucket shops and the fact that one of our audience had done a wee in the aisle. It was historic. And to top it all, the power went off in the entire building five minutes before the end, plunging the show into darkness, at which point we all sang You’ve Got The Power. It was like the Blitz. You really should have been there. If you weren’t, we offer the first 2 minutes and 46 seconds from the dressing room, and a short statement recorded back at the flat. And we will never record a podcast on Andrew’s laptop ever again without having Richard’s on as well.

And, once it’s loaded, you will be able to download Podcast 124 in its entirety, as we did it on Richard’s laptop.

The lights are back on! After the mythical Podcast 123, which may never have existed in the first place, we are back at the GRV in Edinburgh and undefeated by either electricity or electrical appliances. In either the third or second live podcast of the Fringe, after a cathartic shouting match about the washing up, we find out how to smoke “rocks” of “crack” “cocaine” in the Daily Mail, put the clocks forward with David Cameron, discover Iggy Pop’s attitude to pants and socks, give out cuttings from newspapers as big prizes to our audience, sing Disney songs and test levels of prurience by imagining a TV fertility expert with some singlets.

Stay tuned for more goatish lunacy and audience harassment. Seven more to go.


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6 responses to “The Pride Of Scotland Pts 1-3

  1. simmo

    can I be the first to say I was there in the audience for podcast 123 * aside – no i wasnt *

  2. Anonymous

    Good riddance to the shitty sound quality of Andrew's laptop!The sad thing is that I will never be able to come to a live Collings and Herrin podcast, because I rely on a pacemaker to live, and can't take the risk of Andrew breaking it.How can I get me one of the T-shirts mentioned in podcast #124, by the way?Brian Goodall

  3. Godot

    Anyone wanting a good introduction to Lenny Bruce (his generation's Andrew Collins) could do worse than downloading this rather good Radio 3 documentary : – If the 'goatish lunacy' guy who emailed your 6Music show was telling the truth then you have at least two listeners who are goatherds.

  4. loj1987

    I was in the audience for podcast 123. Having listened since Day 1, this was my first time attending a live podcast. What a baptism of fire (although not much of one, as the half-hearted request to evacuate wasn't taken up by anyone, and there was in fact no fire) Alas, those not present will never know the visual genius of Richards 7/7 victim impression, nor how ghoulish the faces of Collings & Herring look when illuminated by nothing but the dull glow of a (rubbish) MacBook.I attends the Secret Dancing show at Bannermans the following day… it was bloody hilarious. Without wanting to jump the gun, I feel Collings has potentially missed his true vocation. My initially dubious friend left the venue commenting how 'likeable' and 'funny' it had been. He got an extra kick out of the fact his girlfriend is from Reigate. Apparently it is that boring.My only regret is not approaching Andrew, who I saw chatting to someone just before his show, and engaging him in a dialogue about The Fall. Too embarrassed/starstruck.

  5. Pauly

    podcast 122 was great, really worked, good work fellers. shame about 123, conspiracy theories abound i fully suspect collings erased it.If you are still stuck for things to do in a double height flat, I recommend getting a remote controlled airship – you can't fly them in the slightest of breeze you need a big room. Minutes of fun. Or, you could learn to juggle without anyone seeing.About to tune in to 124…

  6. Pauly

    ALSO, wet ones, wet ones are surely on everyone's "festival packing list", so maybe that's why you have them, you don't need the same things for edinburgh festival that you do for say glastonbury though. Collings you have messed up!

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