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Pride Of Scotland Pt 4

In the fourth Live Collings & Herring Podcast from the GRV at the Edinburgh Fringe, Podcast 125, we are still trying to process the loss of Podcast 123, which leapt, like Scrappy the dog, from the equivalent of a ledge in a Dracula castle in Aberdeenshire and was never seen or heard from again. Unbelievable! We also berate “the most disgusting woman in Britain”, Carla Bruni, the right wing Americans who object to someone building something two blocks from the non-existent shadow of the Twin Towers, whoever it was who stole Richard’s blue towel, Ewen McGregor’s character in Angels And Demons (which is a bang up to date cinema reference) and of course those who believe in love. Richard’s gaping bag gets a mention, too. It’s all very serious, as befits an audience keener to listen silently than, say, laugh.

Here is the audience:


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3 responses to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 4

  1. Rob

    I am sparing the audience of 123 and targetting this bunch of sourpusses.

  2. I have rarely looked so goonish.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh dear . . . Adam Buxton says they'll be back in November . . . I hope the BBC finds another suitable slot for you . . . Scotia

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