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Pride Of Scotland Pt 5

In the fifth of our live Edinburgh podcasts, and the fourth that has come out – Podcast 126: Light Side Of The Poon – we recreate, in full, an entire episode of the American sitcom Friends. We also solve the blue towel mystery, improve Anglo-Australian relations immeasurably, rewrite the pronunciation of some popular names, recall fondly the occasional naked lady on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine and the half-inch of underskirt Andrew glimpsed when Sarah Jane Smith fell over on the Giant Robot episode of Doctor Who, defend David Beckham’s sister’s empty wheelie bin and mount our own version of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket scheme. And Richard unveils his new variety act: failing to identify audience members by their accents. Back on Wednesday, kids, with Space Dust action.

In today’s audience photo, you can see the Australian couple in the front row who provided Richard with most of his material.


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5 responses to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 5

  1. dangeregg

    Hi guys, thanks for the podcasts. I made this for you.

  2. For a rival Edinburgh festival podcast, vying for listenership, have a peek at

  3. Anonymous"‘Bold as brass’ trampoline romper put on sex offenders’ registerNeighbour saw James Burden with cigarette in one hand and genitals in the other.James Burden, who was performing a solo sex act as he jumped up and down, was spotted by chance when his neighbour got up to go to the bathroom. Looking out of her window in Falkirk’s Westquarter, she saw 55-year-old Burden with "a cigarette in one hand and his manhood in the other".She called the police and Burden was arrested and charged. The witness told police Burden was "as bold brass…and purposeful" in carrying out his aerial solo sex act on March 25 this year."thought you might be interested in this little snippet of scottish culturecheersmatt(formerly of scotland)

  4. Anonymous

    G'day (see what i did there!) As one half of the tormented Australian couple, can I just say how much fun we had at the 5 podcasts we we came to (yes, we were even at the ill fated 123), but this one was hands down our fave!Thanks for the laughs!Frances

  5. Paul

    Had me laughing more than any previous podcast I reckon. Glad the Australian couple were not traumatised.

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