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Pride Of Scotland Pt 6

We’re back for the second of the two five-day batches of Collings & Herrin live podcasts from the GRV in Edinburgh, number 127, and what a return! Not only is Richard knackered after the excesses of producing As It Occurs To Me in “Jimmy hats” and a bath salts-insensible Andrew unable to make a single joke, even one about a man who is hungry living in Hungary, but Tony Blair’s blood advance proves a subject too serious to provide any humour whatsoever, and Cannon and Ball weren’t even to blame for making that Daily Mail reader late for work after this lunch. Thankfully, there is live Space Dust consumption, on mic, and a superb soap opera linked to the nice couple of postgraduates on the front row, whom you can see in the second audience picture. They paid five pounds. And all your Doctor Who trivia questions are answered.


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One response to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 6

  1. Even though Richard wrote it, Andrew (of the Collins, rather than the Tiny Collings, variety) was easily the funniest thing on AIOTM (AIOTM). So, apparently he actually is the new Lenny Bruce!

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