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Pride Of Scotland Pt 7

With podcast 128, recorded live at the GRV in Edinburgh in front of a mute and frightened audience, we attempt to bring the whole enterprise crashing down around our ears, in an elaborate and more esoteric version of what comedian Aberdeen’s Dave Whitney allegedly did at the Canon’s Gait to a punter at the bar on Tuesday night. With Richard now embittered into a perverse version of humility after being bullied by Stewart Lee in his silver jubilee year and Andrew shattered by Richard’s determination to break the first rule of improv and block any pathetic attempt at half a joke, they attempt to reintroduce a little tenderness into their relationship, with some casualties, notably those in the front row. Still, look at the size of that rat in Bradford! Only three more to go. It’ll be fine.

We didn’t take any pictures of the audience, out of sympathy for them.


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6 responses to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 7

  1. Justin K

    Herring – you have fat fingers

  2. Andrew

    With regards to Richard's comment about farting in a toilet cubicle – I had a similar incident at University! I arrived to a lecture early and needed a number two – I was a bit ill. Anyway, as I went into the toilet a stuffy ol' lecturer fella wandered in ahead of me. Anyway, I went into a cubicle to do my thing whilst he went to a urinal. I unleashed hell (a hot jet of rusty water), and whilst I admit it did sound horrendous, I do feel he needn't have loudly shouted 'OH MY!' at the top of his lungs.Months later I ended up having a seminar taught by him, and I remember the first day I entered the room he looked shocked. Perhaps he thought I'd died in the cubicle.Anyway. I don't know why you'd want to know that. But I feel better for telling someone.

  3. Neil

    One of the funniest podcasts ever, you may not have thought it went well but it really made me laugh!

  4. Anonymous

    I want to understand the theme of Andrew's "boglin" face! He does it in so many of the podcast pictures, yet there hasn't been an explanation since I've started listening. Please fill us in Collings!Clare Sherwin

  5. Ians

    There's a Millie's Cookies in Westfield next to Costa.

  6. No I have short fingers. There is not an ounce of fat on them.

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