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Pride Of Scotland Pt 8

A mood of niceness prevails over Podcast 129, seventh out of ten live shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, except for the bits about golden showers, which means “playful” Richard is full of compliments to at least one couple in the front row, gives another couple a relatively light grilling – mainly because one of them is carrying a big stick – and actually admits to Andrew that his solo show is “quite good.” We have harmless family fun with the Wankdorf stadium in Bern, Switzerland; Posh and Becks Beckham and their drive to appear more sympathetic to people who are out of work in the recession; Alex Jones’ magic pants; Kings Of Leon’s pigeonshit nightmare; and the increasingly fishy giant rat scam in Bradford. Also, why a man at the Daily Mail wants to kill his own pet. They hate animals, don’t they?


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4 responses to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 8

  1. Anonymous

    Today I wrote "Collings is a bummer" outside Abbey Road studios. Looks incongruous next to the Beatles tributes, but well fucking worth the effort I think you'll agree.Collings is a gay-o-gay!Christina Bellington

  2. Anonymous

    "A gay-o-gay"? Poor Collings is getting bullied :-(I read a printed review of Collings and Herrin that began as follows:"Comedian Richard Herring and Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins (who appears on stage as a kind of boglin-faced Mark Steel) present approximately an hour at a time of ludicrous trivia, and foul-mouthed descriptions of their audience.""Boglin-faced Mark Steel"??? It upsets me and yet… I can see it. I just don't understand how Andrew "appears on stage" as it.Judith Seckery

  3. What is a boglin? I don't imagine it's complimentary, but I don't know what it is.

  4. Anonymous

    Boglins were rubber hand-puppets – a toy craze in the 80s. A google-image search will yield more substantial results, but here's a quick link: Seckery

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