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Pride Of Scotland Pt 9

Family entertainment is the order of the day for C&H Podcast 130 [wait for it, wait for it], live from the GRV in Edinburgh, where David Milliband’s banana is gazed upon with wonder and confusion. Richard Herrin was eclipsed by the much nice Richard Herring, who was not only nice to the entire tattooed family in the front row [see pic below], he offered his own hand in marriage to their mum, Corinda, so that he could be a thoughtful stepfather to her children, especially her son’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Andrew accidentally says the rudest thing, and is booed once again under false pretenses. (“Please make the pain stop.”) There is a scientific biscuit survey, an impression of a giant reading a tiny newspaper, and an impromptu version of Mr & Mrs, sponsored by Bose/Boze. It’s almost suitable for the afternoon. [see also: Michael Legge’s lovelies Nicola Woolhouse and H20Sarah in bottom pic.]


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One response to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 9

  1. Anonymous

    I was hoping you would ramp up the horribleness over the length of these podcasts, not tone it down! Boo! More Herrin and less Herring from now on please!Peter Harrelson

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