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Pride Of Scotland Pt 10 – hooray!

In the final live Collings & Herrin Podcast from the GRV in Edinburgh, we go out in a significant lack of style. We should have ended it after 130, but no, it was almost as if we were committed to do 131, and treated it as just that: an obligation, with no joy or narrative denouement whatsoever, despite a big pile of prizes for the nicest audience members, including a Millie’s Cookies loyalty card, an Apostrophe (whatever that is) loyalty card, a McDonald’s loyalty card and a Piemaker loyalty card, as well as some Space Dust Which Isn’t Space Dust. Andrew gets booed again for mentioning the name of M*ddy – par for the course, now – Richard is sexually frustrated by the lack of women in the front row and is forced instead to imagine having a strawberry tattooed in a private place and smearing it with clotted cream, and we unearth a single X-Factor fan in our audience, and four Top Gear fans, one of whom is female. It’s either the best one yet, or the worst, and certainly our last for a long, long while. So tuck in.

No baby gannets were harmed with long sticks or pickled in an empty beer keg in the making of this podcast.


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4 responses to “Pride Of Scotland Pt 10 – hooray!

  1. Anonymous

    Reigate has come a long way since the days of Cafe Rouge.Gurkha Kitchen is the place to go if you want a good meal.Don't bother with the Tony Tobin's Restaurant: The Dining Room – over priced posh tosh!Love the show Steve!James Turner(Formerly of Reigate, now Camberwell)

  2. My first three days back at work post-holiday have been brightened enormously by AIOTM (AITOM) and the C&H Edinburgh podacasts. Have set a target of being there next year, it all sounds too good to miss.Had my own moment of "escalier" (?) following the Rachael/David owl-pattern pyjamas discussion. It occured to me that a natural icebreaker would simply be "nice hooters!".Many thanks!

  3. Ians

    There's an Apostrophe in Westfield (as well as a Millie's) I don't work for Westfield.

  4. You are incorrect. There is no apostrophe in Westfield. Ha ha.

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