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Annual assessment by marriage guidance counsellor?

Two across (8, 3, 6): refreshed after a two-week break, we reconvene, reunite, reconfigure, restore, restart … sorry, we have become obsessed with the Times cryptic crossword, and everything now feels like a clue … back in Richard’s attic for Podcast 132, an anagram of 123, and despite his decision to wear a suit for the occasion, a relaxed, chat-show vibe permeates our low-key reunion, rematch, revival, reupholstering … sorry. There is Wayne Rooney’s poor choice of prostitute to discuss, plus his poor grasp of cigarette prices; the ethics of sharing a hotel room with your advisor, or Billy Bragg; and Tony Blair’s sex life, which the former prime minister and animal lover can date precisely. We also wonder about the whereabouts and wellbeing of Pete Firmin’s daughter Emily, last seen on Bagpuss. Most of the podcast is actually us trying to unravel the cryptic clues to Crossword Number 2 in The Times Crossword Book 13 [pictured]. Don’t write in with the answers. And if the sound quality is compromised up until about minute 43, we’re pretty sure Christopher Johnson was probably recording it from inside Richard’s cupboard, so we’ll have a replacement out within three weeks.


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14 responses to “Annual assessment by marriage guidance counsellor?

  1. Godot

    Here's a version with the levels non-destructively corrected for people with rubbish headphones and/or mp3 players : I'm not stepping on any toes. If I am then just don't publish this comment and I'll happily delete the upload!)

  2. You will have to wait a few weeks to know for sure if I was in Richard's cupboard bootlegging the podcast.Andrew, you wont be able to hear me laugh in the 123 bootleg as I am quite a quiet audience member. But please rest assured that I was having a great time. However you can, at one point, hear another man whisper "big cook little cook" to someone else.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm a time travelling bootlegger, and upon learning that podcast 123 had been initially shat upon by Collings' ineptitude, I decided to travel back in time and leave that sound recorder where it would be found.You have me to thank, but you will never know who I am, so please piss your thanks off a tall building, or donate numerous pounds of your 2010 currency to SCOPE.Yours with veritable lambert,Needles McHaycock

  4. Anonymous

    It only took me three days to finally figure out but it's "State of the Union".Richard is right in principle though – you wouldn't buy a copy of A La Recheche De Temps Perdu and then complain that it was all written in French so how were you supposed to understand it?– David

  5. What do you guys make of Lou Reed making Susan Boyle cry? Serves her handlers right for not even checking if they can use someone else's material.Anyhow, I know this is random comment, but thought it nicely ties into previous discussion aboutownership…

  6. Literally no idea what that book is, Andy. It has no author, and no publisher, and no cover, and no description, and yet Amazon seem to be selling it. WTF, as the young people say.

  7. Anonymous

    WTF indeed, a search of the isbn adds little, except that … says that the publisher uses a photocopier, so a quality publication.-(The Other) Andy Crane

  8. Anonymous

    Isn't Christopher Reeve dead now? That's kind of a weird thought.Simon Drey

  9. Anonymous

    This is from the 'publishers' site "Random excerpt from the book:" is word for word the same as Richard's wiki entry.Have a look at the FAQs on the above address also.

  10. Anonymous

    barmaids. for goodness sake. BARMAIDS.

  11. Anonymous

    When is the next podcast coming?James H

  12. Maybe Saturday. We are both very busy, and I am not feeling very well.

  13. Anonymous

    Well get better soon but do a podcast tomorrow please. Richard won't mind you making him ill.James H

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