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You can rebuild us

The Collins & Herring 6 Music showdun, dun! – appears to be still on, even though we went away for a month, allowing the professional Richard Bacon and his entourage to take over and show how a professional, planned, scripted radio show might sound. We had a fun first show back yesterday morning, which you can iPlayer here, and of which a podcast will soon be made available (I hope the bit about cheese in Northampton makes it in). Because of my erratic holiday arrangements, we will not be on next Saturday, but will be on the week after that, and then not on the week after that, but BACK, full-time, or until Adam and Joe come back, from Saturday October 2. On this date, we will officially relaunch the show. Which is where you come in. We want ideas for regular features, and we want new jingles.

The shopping list so far, as we begin this consultation period, includes:

  • New generic Collins & Herring jingles, including our names. Be as creative as you like – you have the “dun, dun!” one to beat – but don’t make them too long.
  • New Text The Station ident – and you literally have Rose’s to beat here
  • New Nerd Army ident – something to mobilise the Army for its weekly photographic/visual task
  • New feature: The History Of Collins & Herring In 100 Objects – based upon the Radio 4 series of the same name. Use your imagination

That’s it for now. Expect further instructions in two weeks. We could get professional BBC jinglists to make our jingles and idents, but it feels in the spirit of our ramshackle programme that they should continue to be provided by you.

The pic above was taken in February, when we never imagined we’d still be doing a weekly-ish 6 Music show in April, let alone October. It’s like Jim’ll Fix It.


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4 responses to “You can rebuild us

  1. I enjoyed the show, despite the slightly disturbing ideas at the start about combining bacon with a richard. Will the picture of the lady with the bacon bra be put up on the galley? Umm… a friend wanted to know.I was at one of Adam Buxton's "Bug" gigs and, in a Q&A session afterword, he mentioned that Adam and Joe would be back on 6Music in November. He said that the main reason for the sabbatical was that Joe wanted to concentrate on his screenplay writing.PS That Lemonheads track is still stuck in my head

  2. How about a bit where Mr. Herring pours a different liquid into his lap every week, from liquid nitrogen to hot tea, and we see if he can resist swearing?

  3. but unlike Jim'll Fix It, you don't get to meet an old man smoking a cigar, telling you he will make your dreams come true…was it just me that thought that to be a little strange?Looking forward to the podcast, can't listen again as i don't live in the UK..which sucks really, not the "not living in the UK" just the not getting listen again.

  4. Anonymous

    You can use the iplayer for radio if you live in another country then the UK, just not for TV. I've listen to C&H a couple of times in Australia on the Iplayer

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