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Don’t forget your toothbrush

As if a week has passed, which it hasn’t, since Podcast 133, here’s another one, Podcast 134, mostly devoted to Michael McInytre, but not in the way you think. In fact, in order to save up all the Opik-stuyle funnies for Monday, when we take the podcast to the Bloomsbury Theatre in London – BOOK NOW, LONDON, AND PREVENT US FROM SPLITTING UP AGAIN! – we make today’s a serious discussion about fame, recognition and the comedy industry, at the top of which sits the blameless and actually very nice and funny Michael McIntyre. Fuelled only by half a lasagne the size of a Kindle box, we also build a promising entente cordiale between Richard and his face-sake Dom Joly, make a token joke about Vince Cable, ask whether it’s in good taste for the Daily Mirror to photoshop lettuce onto Myra Hindley’s face and consider the veracity of the breast-feeding/non-stoat teeth theory. Yes, that is a Radio 4 hoodie. Confusing, isn’t it?


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3 responses to “Don’t forget your toothbrush

  1. Anonymous

    Genius as usual. One question tho. Why does the website think a cartoon of John Wayne Gacy is a good way of advertising Clown Chowder?

  2. Anonymous

    I am very disappointed in you, Richard.I've often felt that Richard's relationship with the Welsh was strained at best. Even though he frequents Welsh establishments to peddle his jokes and uses a Welsh company to distribute his material, he often makes insensitive remarks that I feel are both hurtful and deeply offensive.While I agree with him that Swansea is the worst place in the world, I feel that Richard severely crossed the line recently with his frank, insensitive remarks about Musician and Beloved Son of Wales Richey Edwards and his possible location.I feel that Richard has singlehandedly set back English/Welsh relations 50 years. Not since the flooding of Capel Celyn has there been a bigger slight against the Welsh.If Richard has even a modicum of shame he should issue a full and frank apology for his transgressions. Having listened to all 130+ episodes, however, I can see this is not the case.Even though I do not feel I have the heft required I will be petitioning both the Chapter arts centre and GoFasterStripe, two Welsh establishments, to boycott this misguided reprobate and all his work.Sincerely,Disappointed in CardiffPS.While I feel that Andrew Collins is usually a fucking idiot, I have to commend him on his rather futile attempts to reprimand Herring.

  3. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say that I love the show. I am from the States and there isn't much real humour here. I am an Anglophile (does that mean I molest English women?) and get a kick out of your banter. I'd love to donate a pound but with the Third World exchange rate here in the US, that is half my paycheque. Cheers,John from the beautiful state of Utah

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