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My life! My choice!

In Podcast 135, recorded live before a dedicated audience of over 200 nerds at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, we began the show with an almost empty front row, which, after the interval, filled out a little bit, giving us some purchase on the audience, who were remarkably sweet, only booed Andrew twice, Tweeted heckles about our physical appearance, allowed us into their worlds of unemployment, deferred marriage and fisting, made “some noise”, and only one of them seemed to be concealing a weapon in a rustly carrier bag. Subjects ranged from Nazi helmets on sale in Turkey, Jeremy Clarkson’s practical pump advice, Ed Milliband’s look of constant surprise, the difference between a vague thought about the M40 and a theory about the M40, a certain advert for breast augmentation that’s on Smooth FM, Richard’s radical job interviewing technique for youth workers and the prospect of romance in a Chilean mine. Clearly, those who made the effort and paid 15 pounds had hours of exclusive content, but you at home get an extra five minutes in the dressing room, and some verite when we walk up towards the backstage area like Spinal Tap. Thanks to all who came, and to the always pleasant staff of the Bloomsbury. [It won’t be up yet, but this is where it will be up when it is up.]


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2 responses to “My life! My choice!

  1. Another stellar podcast gentlemen.RE: The Bush-related jokes, there's a village near where I'm from in Donegal, Ireland called Muff, and they have a rather prominent Diving Centre!

  2. Anonymous

    A vast, Mr Bean-like, Mark Steel head on the top of a stumpy, oversized toddler's torso! :-)James H

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