Bristol Hippo Drome

Collings and Herrin Podcast 137, belated, comes from the Bristol Old Vic Jam festival, and we encourage you to have a look at what else is on. Recorded in front of a patient and helpful audience at the Studio, not the main theatre, because we were “in the round” we opted to move around, a quarter at a time, every 15 minutes, so as to spread ourselves out over the full circle of the audience. The lovely audience, a real living “hive mind” Wikipedia – whose knowledge actually stretched to a man called John explaining the answer to Andrew’s cryptic cross word clue (after the podcast), and man we called London Irish explaining everything else, including the animal rules of rugby and some spunk-based physics – we had fun with the smiling San Diego hippo, Paul the octopus, the Guardian‘s arcane Paul The Octopus headline KICKER CONSPIRACY, Richard’s insistence on imagining Tony Blair’s signature on Cherie Blair’s tits, the actual derivation of “Bristol Jam” and the unexpected arrival of an actual Bristol astronaut. It’s all great fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did [check out all four quarters of the audience, below]. Over to Orange Mark …



A surprise, unbilled, bonus, you-lucky-people podcast 136 [being loaded as we speak by the valiant Orange Mark] recorded once again in the soundproof booth at 6 Music, once again with the red light on the wall mysteriously coming on halfway through. It’s a funny one, and not necessarily in the ha-ha sense of the word. Andrew is in a very grouchy mood, and nothing Richard can do – call him an idiot, mock him, belittle him, argue with him, berate him for liking Stewart Lee – will lift his gloomy cloud. Except for one thing, which Richard does right at the end, and is alluded to in this picture. You’ll just have to listen to the hour and ten minutes – including cryptic crossword corner – that precede it, to really appreciate the shift in tone. That means stuff about Michael Gove, Raoul Moat, Jonathan Franzen, Stewart Lee, Euromillions Lottery etiquette, the horrible smell at Victoria Station and the strange goings-on at 6 Music, which have yet to be resolved. Oh, and Richard’s got a DVD out. Go to Go Faster Stripe to get the best deal. It’s got a misplaced apostrophe on the box: can you find it?