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A surprise, unbilled, bonus, you-lucky-people podcast 136 [being loaded as we speak by the valiant Orange Mark] recorded once again in the soundproof booth at 6 Music, once again with the red light on the wall mysteriously coming on halfway through. It’s a funny one, and not necessarily in the ha-ha sense of the word. Andrew is in a very grouchy mood, and nothing Richard can do – call him an idiot, mock him, belittle him, argue with him, berate him for liking Stewart Lee – will lift his gloomy cloud. Except for one thing, which Richard does right at the end, and is alluded to in this picture. You’ll just have to listen to the hour and ten minutes – including cryptic crossword corner – that precede it, to really appreciate the shift in tone. That means stuff about Michael Gove, Raoul Moat, Jonathan Franzen, Stewart Lee, Euromillions Lottery etiquette, the horrible smell at Victoria Station and the strange goings-on at 6 Music, which have yet to be resolved. Oh, and Richard’s got a DVD out. Go to Go Faster Stripe to get the best deal. It’s got a misplaced apostrophe on the box: can you find it?


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10 responses to “Euromillions!

  1. Anonymous

    Ordered Hitler Moustache from Go Faster . . . £5 per disk, as opposed to Amazon at £5.48 . . .Scotia

  2. Emma

    Re the 'need also oddly' crossword clue, the 'oddly' part means only use every other letter, resulting in the 'neas' part of Aeneas. Sorry if you've worked it out or been bombarded by people explaining it. Very funny end to the podcast by the way.

  3. Anonymous

    a key need also oddly for princeTake the odd letters from "a key need also" to get "aeneas"bear trap for exampleTwo different words for "transport". "bear" as in "to carry" – ie what a bearer does, rather than the animalarticles about entertaining west end play"the" and "a" are articles, "re" means "about" (as in "in reference to" and the end of "west" is "t". So putting "t" in the middle of the articles and "re gives theatre.Ian.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for coming to Ireland and spending some cash Andrew, as you said we really need it. The "ghost" estates of empty houses are in most counties across the country and are a result of developers thinking that that economy built on the building of new houses and offices could carry on forever and stupid bankers were willing to fund this foolishness. Seems like the Irish tax payer is going to bail them all out so they can plan to do it all again in a few years. Hopefully many of the empty houses will be taken over and be made available to social housing to ease the waiting lists so some good may come of it. Thanks for the podcasts,I'm often in need of a laugh these days.David Kinsella Cork. Ireland.

  5. Godot

    Andrew Collingses grumpiness is clearly a ruse. Don't be surprised if he turns up at the next podcast with a ventriloquist's dummy.Have to say I've really enjoyed the last few 6music shows. It's one of the few radio progs I listen to for both the music and the banter inbetween.


    Great Podcast! A bit of tension always makes for some fun. Andrew a bit tired and grizly, Andrew in a huff at a sketch on AIOTM, Richard Herring with his periodical bouts of food poisoning, full bladders, getting slightly tipsy…More of the same please!

  7. The cryptic crossword clues are oddly compelling, even if I don't understand them whatsoever.Pre-ordered Hitler Moustache too, looking forward to it. Missed it live unfortunately, so I'm well behind.

  8. I received the 3-disc Hitler Moustache today, along with the AIOTM Secret Standup disc. I'm on disc 3 of the DVD now. All good stuff, but something went a bit awry with the audio on the "Logangate!" extra. 3 minutes from the end the audio switches to one that doesn't match the video. Thankfully it seems to be the only snag in an otherwise great release, but they may want to fix it if there's a second printing.

  9. Anonymous

    I'm enjoying Herring's radio work filling in for Dave Gorman! Nice to hear him on his own to be honest!! ;-)Nick Best

  10. spoodie

    Yes, another podcast please. I paid 3 x £5 for Hitler 'tach so I demand more podcast.

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