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God save the Queen

From the unusual, arcane and slightly spooky, Da Vinci Code-style domed environs of the Masonic Hall in Cardiff, we present live podcast 138, which was also filmed, by Chris Evans Not That One for future inclusion of the next C&H podcast CD (which we had recorded during the day: four brand new, exclusive podcasts, plus some teen poetry). This meant two things: one, that Andrew had performed a fully milked swansong of Secret Dancing as the extended first half and was emotionally drained by the time we sat down on our giant thrones to do the podcast; and two, we had the house lights up for filming purposes and could thus see the whites of the eyes of even the back row of a frankly terrified and easily offended Cardiff audience. You can see their frightened faces below. It was tremendous fun, if a little light on the news, due to neither of having had much time during the day to read any; and a certain air of tension and madness pervades. Plus, there was a portrait of the Queen watching us throughout, from the back wall. (Orange Mark has the juice, but give him a chance to load it up.)


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4 responses to “God save the Queen

  1. Is that a high-backed armchair that Andrew's sitting in? And is that Richard's jumper made from Paul Smith's hair?

  2. Anonymous

    LOL Richard's shoe looks like a tombstone in that first picture.George Hammond

  3. Anonymous

    Mohair comes from Mohawks.Jonus Gay

  4. Rick S

    Andrew, that link there points directly to podcast 137, not 138. You might want to update it!Congratulations on yesterday's marathon, btw. Keep up the good work!Off to listen to 138 now…

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