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In a burglarious return to Richard’s attic after an extended period of podcasting in theatres, Masonic lodges, BBC studios and VW Golfs, Number 139 has a lot to process: the last ever ridiculously long and boring list of dedications to people who have given us 50p for sponsorship (yes – the last ever; deal with it); the competitive Richard Herring’s recent experience of having his life changed by an appearance on Celebrity Mastermind, a specialist subject about which we are sworn to secrecy and thus go on and on about for roughly 20 minutes but without SPOILERS; recent abuse on the website and Twitter; the comedown after the shy and retiring Andrew’s Nespresso-hastened nervous breakdown onstage in Cardiff; the withdrawal of Stephen Fry from public life; our radical and suitable change of sartorial style and how that’s going; and, of course, the amorphous geographical nature of Nadine Coyle’s accent. This is the last ever podcast we will do*.

Bye bye.

*Until next week, probably


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10 responses to “Burglarious

  1. Not sure if you've noticed, but we don't publish abusive comments. Feel free to leave them, but remember that nobody is actually ever going to read them.

  2. Munkeycop

    What an odd picture, Andrew looks vaguely like Bob Mortimer but with more hair. Richard looks a bit like the singer from Level 42. If you ever go on holiday or get pregnant they could stand in for you.I should also add that I havn't taken my medication today.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Andrew. I'm not on that Twitters and can't find a suitable blog topic to put this on so I'll lump it here. You don't have to publish it as it's not relevent to the Podcast (which I will listen to tomorrow. Or Friday.)Anyway – just wanted to say "say it ain't so". Read your Word column yesterday and it reads like a valediction.What gives? I think you're a pretty nifty columnist all told and approaching the readability, wit and clear voice of some of the luminaries you list this month. Although you did miss out Rawnsley in your greatest hits list. And Andrew Marr wrote some fantastic columns in the Observer and in the Rosie Boycott-era Daily Express.Anyway, for what it's worth, if it is your last "Whatever!", I'll miss it. You seem to have been getting a bit of abuse for going to work and not being a journalist or something, so hope this rebalances that.I suppose that lot wouldn't have squoze onto Twitter anyway. I'll stop. Keep it upGary Y.

  4. Richard's gone a bit "Cabaret Voltaire" in that shot.For the record, I was quite taken aback by some of the twatishness directed at you both over the past week and hope you're managing to rise above it.It's 2:24am – insomnia is shit but at least I can now go and listen …

  5. Anonymous

    surprised you didn't mention 'trolls' on your podcast in regards to the borderline insane people who contact you..

  6. Claire

    HiJust wanted to agree with the above posters re: the vitriol directed at Andrew over the NUJ strike. As someone who has been on more than a few picket lines, we would never have given hassle to anyone who wasn't a union member* and had a job that meant they weren't in our union.The way people laid into Andrew C was a disgrace. *Not that we were horrible to anyone who *was* in our union who crossed a picket line either, dicussion was as far as it went.

  7. Tom

    Hey, Andrew, you look strangely like Robert 'My Family' Lindsay back when he was in GBH. I'm sure in one episode he dressed up exactly like that when he visited the hotel in that series. You look more like RL than you do Mark Steel in that shot.

  8. James

    Don't worry Andrew. I don't hate your podcast. I love you both.

  9. Anonymous

    Andrew, there was a bit of a sombre moment when you talked about getting off of twitter because people were giving you a hard time. I am not in any sort of spot light so I can't give any first-hand advice, but I say try not to let rubbish comments get to you. There are plenty of people who enjoy this podcast and as much as people, including Richard, may make fun of you for not being a comedian, the podcast wouldn't be the same without you. You add your own special touch which I quite enjoy.John from Utah (USA)

  10. Anonymous

    That pic is Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr AICM £5. Here they are looking younger the podcast as I'd enjoy eavesdropping some lunchtime pub chat whilst washing up.Martle

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