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Gawd, you don’t half go on

Sorry, belated blog entry for Podcast 141, in which we face death, in the face, and not just Bernard Matthews’. Not to mention the extortionate costs of hiring a people-carrier with a ridiculous name that most people would be too embarrassed to ask for on the phone, the intricacies of our close showbiz pal Jason Manford’s career-change (actually, this bit is cut off in the middle, due to a fetish fridge magnet – pictured – sent us as an act of sabotage by somebody whose name Richard can’t remember), the confusingly fragrant nature of middle class female student rioters and its impact on the political compass of the Daily Mail, the counterintuitive behaviour of people who vote for people who are rubbish on TV reality and talent shows, and the coming potato famine in Ireland. Do not put a magnet near this podcast, as it might make it disappear.

BIG NEWS! Apparently, according to Graham Podcast-Counter, next week’s is officially our 200th podcast. We may celebrate. Or just carry on as normal.

COMMERCE: Pre-order the new Collings & Herrin podcast CD (with DVD extra!), War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, from the VAT-registered Go Faster Stripe here.

A REMINDER: We need festive questions to pluck from a fetching hat for our annual mash-up with Phill and Phil for The Perfect Twelve podcast. Here are some pictures of 2008’s jovial, studio-quality occasion to get you in the tinselly mood. Post the questions here if you like, or send via here, or here.


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2 responses to “Gawd, you don’t half go on

  1. Anonymous

    Haha! In that photo Andrew looks like one of these: ! :-)Stacey Grant

  2. I know you guys might get a little peeved with people asking when Adam & Joe are back, but since you talked about it in this podcast I thought this info would be of interest to you. You talked of their Christmas pre-record video and how they are talking about the show in past tense (I think there was an element of joking in that myself), but in the comments on their blog, someone has posted the following quote from Broadcast mag. "The pair were expected to return to present a regular show from November, however this appears to have been pushed back. It is understood that they have the appetite to return, but are yet to organise dates as they manage their personal commitments."So good news in that sense! Don't want to derail your blog with news of another pair of radio-based-funsters, but since you mentioned it yourselves, I thought it worth pointing out.(Another great podcast from you both this week by the way)

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