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When the lights went out

Is it Podcast 142, or is it, according to rogue podcast counter Graham Tugwell, Podcast 200? It’s Podcast 142, although it may well be our 200th podcast, if you include 6 Music podcasts and other ephemera, as Graham Tugwell has done. It’s a celebration either way, as Richard regresses to smutty schoolboy state and creates yet another brilliant dystopian sci-fi movie pitch based on, shall we say, geometry and biology. The Wikileaks story might dominate were it not for more pressing matters such as the return of the Times Cryptic Crossword Book 13, the tagline for Ken Follett’s latest novel, Mark Watson’s Hurt Locker, and the incoming Loaded Lafta award nominations, in which this podcast is beaten to the shortlist by a number of podcasts that aren’t even regular podcasts. Note: this podcast was recorded during a localised, nostalgic power cut and while you listen to it, you should imagine the battery bar of Andrew’s laptop inching perilously close to the left. It’s on 18% power as I type this. Exciting!

PS: Directly after the power cut podcast, we travelled through the inclement snowy weather to Central London to record a Comedy Central Utter Shambles podcast, in a professional studio, with producers, and music stands, with Robin Ince and Josie Long, for future release. We’ll let you know when it’s coming out. Possibly before Christmas.


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8 responses to “When the lights went out

  1. Anonymous

    Crossword Solutions:Apologise when a hitch line appears in love story not western. (3 6 3)Another expression for hitching a lift is "thumb".An abbreviation for line is "l", A love story is known as a "weepie". 'Not western' means we remove the "w" from "weepie" giving us "eepie".Inserting "a thumb l" into "eepie" gives:eathumblepie -> Eat Humble PieGraham Greene's agent not expecting publication. (12)Confidential. This is a reference to Greene's thriller "The Confidential Agent". Ian, Edinburgh.

  2. Brilliant, thanks, Ian. The humble pie is literally why I can no longer waste any more of my life on cryptic crosswords.

  3. Tom

    Oooo, factual inaccuracy alert. Simon Mayo does do his Radio 2 show 5 days a week. He does the Radio 5 Friday 2-4pm slot with Mark Kermode with film reviews and film based discussion as well as his Radio 2 Friday slot. Mayo has a 1 hour break before starting on Radio 2. The reason he does this slot instead of bacon is because oft he famous relationship he has on air with Mark Kermode which even somebody like Bacon couldn't quite replicate Its like you and Legge don't manage to have the same sort of chemistry as you and Herrin on 6music.The Evans thing was obviously stupid and meddling which resulted in the other 2 leaving.

  4. I'm running a bit behind, so only just heard last week's 6 Music podcast. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the uncredited call-back to one of the rounds from your Banter days (the "famous last words" bit), at the end. I've always thought it was a crime against comedy that the show never made the transition to TV!

  5. Tim

    Simon Mayo does the Friday show on five live because his film reviews with Mark Kermode is very popular. I think they didn't want to drop this strand because the double-act works very well.

  6. Andrew – you have my sympathies as I too have tried cryptic crosswords with very little success. I'm no thickie but although Ian's exposition of "Eat Humble Pie" makes sense, it requires linguistic leaps and tenuous connections that I seem incapable of conjuring up. Bloody hell I'm quite depressed now.

  7. Anonymous

    The Utter Shambles podcast is up. Maybe not via iTunes but definitely via the Utter Shambles website.

  8. Godot

    After hearing the most recent 6 music show I felt like starting a whip-round to buy Andrew a massive tub of ritalin to slip in Richard's tea when it all gets a bit too much.

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