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Answer us this!

In Podcast 143, or Podcast 202 according to the Tugwell Scale, or Podcast 203 depending on whether or not you include the most recent 6 Music podcast which actually became available while we were recording this one [when it is available, it will be available here, and on iTunes], we endure more Mac-based laptop misery when Richard’s “much better” MacBook packs up censoriously at about eight minutes, just before Richard describes in detail what he saw when a plumber showed him video footage of what was in his blocked toilet waste pipe. Agreeing that we can never recapture the magic of that section again (you will just have to imagine it), we move on, with some frankly less scintillating material about cables, John Harris, the Duchess of Cornwall, Frankie Boyle, Stewart Lee, Helen and Olly off of Faber’s Answer Me This podcast book – which you can buy here – and God. Once again, we decide to stop podcasting forever, but probably won’t. May as well push on to Podcast 144 before we both keel over. Comedy historians may enjoy this exclusive shot of Herring & Lee’s only two magazine covers, one of which is what’s called “in focus” due to being an illustration. Merry Christmas.


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12 responses to “Answer us this!

  1. While I do agree that The Office US is funny, and I always watch it, it's by no means the funniest thing on TV at the moment. As mentioned, Modern Family for one, along with the always hilarious Community. Personally, I think Courtney Cox's Cougar Town is also better, but I'm probably in the minority there.In reply to the above comment, that t-shirt is never going to happen, at least via any company affiliated with the duo. I honestly wasn't sure the team-up was going to survive the whole "Tiny Collingsgate" arc on AIOTM (AIOTM), and Richard backing-off from the whole thing, whether through Andrew's wishes or otherwise, was the right thing to do. It's like Richard said during one episode: you can abuse him as much as you want, but the rest of the cast is off-limits. Andrew is the same way with his mother.

  2. IT Person

    ANdrew, just an IT point. While you may not use the Safari Browser (I expect you probably use something else like Firefox no doubt because you have been told it is better by well meaning IT people)..anyway, iTunes uses 'safari' internally so I suggest that you DO download the safari updates because it will affect (eventually) anything you use with iTunes – and I expect also you download iTunes updates and apply them?Good Podcast by the way. You can tell it's a good one because there is some sort of inverse-square law where the more RH says a podcast is rubbish the more likely most people will like it.have fun

  3. On a slightly more positive note, War and Peace, Crime and Punishment arrived in the post today. The video is playing, and the audio is being transferred to iTunes as I type. Nice audio on the DVD menu too. Dun dun!

  4. Hello.Sorry to hear about all the abuse, Andrew.I just wanted to say thanks for the high rate of free material you have released on your primary podcast feed. Since the premier episode on 1st Feb 2008, exactly 150 weeks ago today, you have released 152 mp3s for download. Subtracting 3 of those files for being less than 44 minutes long (the length of the first podcast) gives an average rate of very nearly 1 podcast per week. Counting only the numbered podcasts only reduces the rate to 0.95 per week. Thank you and merry Christmas!I have, of course, ordered the new CD.

  5. Anonymous

    Just to chip in with my support for Andrew against the abuse. Maybe do what Richard does and think of your "podcast Andrew" as a persona, so that when people feel they can repeat what Richard says to you, you don't take it personally. There's also the fact that most of the funny attacks are one way, and you don't really have your own way of doing "I hope you die from your cold" to Richard. It's kind of an unfair relationship really, as people like the fact that you're being pleasant and unassuming, and that Richard incongruously fires so much vitriol at you. That's kind of the C&H dynamic, but you might help yourself a lot by just separating your contribution out as a persona. One that, unlike the real you, thinks water has a memory!Cheers,Terry WhitmanPS – my verification word is "shagette" – I hope it's part of a theme!

  6. I kind of agree with some of the other posters here Andrew, try to think of the podcast as Collings with the "g" and think of it as a role you're playing.I know both you and Rchard are different to those you project, well mainly Richard, by your differing responses to the short interviews you were both kind enough to do for me.

  7. Shagette?!When the AIOTM (AIOTM) cast performed their one-off show at the Edinburgh Fringe earlier this year, they switched from cumpkin/dumpkin to the more culturally-relevant shaggis. So, if Richard ever decides to take the show to France, I guess we know what the new food perversion will be!

  8. I'm still enjoying the podcast, although I haven't posted anything for a while. Went through a hectic and then ultimately sad period and just got out of the habit. Anyway just thought I'd mention since his name crops up, that I saw Stewart Lee discussed on a Dutch television show while I was over there recently. It was a fairly serious panel discussion about comedy and he was in exalted company with other clips from Chris Rock and Richard Pryor among others. They were saying how his style of delivery is so good that, even though they often know where the joke is going, he manages to keep an audience eating out of the palm of his hand. They also described him as popular but in no way mainstream. This is probably the most boring and irrelevant post you've had in a while.You could always try a podcast as yourselves, after all, for me, most of the good stuff doesn't involve you being insulted. I like the comic insight and lateral thinking you both do. To be honest I didn't make it through all those live podcasts because there was too much falling back on the more insulting stuff. I really did laugh though when Richard was going on about your cold, it's funny in small doses I suppose. For me. Anyway thanks for all this free humour, it's something I look forward to and really appreciated it through some tough times this year. I'm going to try and go to Herring's gig next week since I happen to be working nearby….all the best

  9. Anonymous

    Oh I like all the insults, but maybe in small doses it's better. Quite often Richard just seems to be getting bored and not listening, or starts browsing the web; after a while this creates a worse atmosphere than Richard occasionally wishing for Andrew's death. All of my favourite moments have involved deep, cutting insults of some kind, and I'd prefer to have more of them and maybe see what happens with less of Richard's boredom.I'm not fussed about the way fans repeat Richard's insults; Andrew is a big lad and can rise above it. I'm only really concerned about the quality of the podcast itself.Dan Stainer x

  10. Anonymous

    Andrew,I loved this podcast episode, and all of the others for that matter. Just ignore the c***s who are writing insulting comments. Don't let it get you down.Manfred Geoffery

  11. Godot

    Recently I've realized that the weird compulsion I've developed to add a g to the plural of words such as chicken and coin is the result of having to mentally flip back and forth between Collins and Collings one too many times.Congratulations. You have both broken my brain.

  12. Anonymous

    Hello!I started listening to your podcasts maybe a couple of months ago, and I noticed with a sense of alarm that I had almost caught up. I only have two left now, and am so used to just flying from podcast to podcast that I don't think I can HANDLE the week long wait in between each one. So I'm feeling a little bit lost. Maybe I will wait two years and then start again from where I left off. Or start all over again. Or listen to something else (horror!). Anyway, I thank you humbly for the two months of aural pleasure, and am currently rattling my savings jar to see if I can't purchase some of your products. My main regret is that I never got to witness any of the live antics, so I am particularly keen to get my little hands on the recorded podcast. Expect a small cut from those soon!Thanks a lotFrom a fan called Liam.

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