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Four wise men

In a tradition that now stretches back to 2008, we join festive forces with the heavily bearded Messrs Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding for a Festive 12: that is, an overmanned Christmas edition of their now rarer-than-a-corncrake Perfect 10. This is the special Collings & Herrin Remix – ie. extended, laptop-recorded, very much pointed at Andrew and Richard – of what is otherwise available from Phill and Phil as an exquisitely recorded, balanced, arranged and edited Studio Mix, complete with Andre “Towel Thief” Vincent as the jingle Santa. Ours is clearly better, if only for the 10 extra bonus minutes at either end of us getting into character in an airless booth in Central London. There’s stuff about bad behaviour and awful Christmas films and heartache and abuse and the elasticity of Patricia Routledge, and it’s the perfect way to get into the Christmas mood. Merry Christmas, one and all, from all of us. There will be a regular, numbered C&H Podcast sometime between Christmas and New Year. Wallop, or something.


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2 responses to “Four wise men

  1. Adam Smith ⋅

    Good fun as usual. I do prefer this to the ‘real’ P&P Podcast – all the sudden silences (while the jingles and stings play) and half-caught background noise from the ‘ear pieces’ 🙂 make it quite fascinating (for me).

    I do wonder though Andrew why you open yourself up for ‘gentle abuse’ about your parents/family time after time. 🙂

    I know it’s all in jest, but I am sure I can hear a groan coming from within.

    Wishing you and Mr H. a very happy and prosperous new Year (jolly bad luck on Mastermind RH!).


  2. Chris from Manchester ⋅

    Hi Andrew, Just catching up on the podcasts on my first day back at work today (cheering me up a treat I would say) and just wanted to say although nobody else had heard of it – our family had a bran tub as well, or rather we still do for our smaller cousins. We have it on boxing day though and colour coded gifts for either a boy or girl and we have to win party games to get to rumage in the tub. Great fun it is too – in fact your mention in the podcast was the first time I had heard of it outside me own family! Glad to hear someone else has memories of it too

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