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The Richard Herring Lectures

Behold, a videotape of a film about Rasputin and a giant mince pie. It can only mean … we have recorded a post-Christmas, post-Celebrity Mastermind, mid-festive-carbohydrate-consumption, pre-New Year podcast. It is Podcast 144, and it’s a Review of the Year only in the sense that it isn’t a Review of the Year at all, just two men, still unsure where the boundaries lie between friendship and eternal torment, and trapped in an abusive relationship in an attic, talking about – or being quiet and listening to the other one talking about – Frankie Boyle and The Truman Show and “pussy pics” and fat balls and the irresistibility of the ugly, unhappy, middle-aged men on On The Buses and the depressing prospect of living to 100 and taking Mastermind more seriously than Mastermind does. You can, if you insist, if you must listen in on our private conversations and moments of lucid honesty and naked mortality, download it from the British Comedy Guide or iTunes. The really important thing, the thing that reunited us despite Andrew’s misgivings about going back to the Titanic at this most spiritual time of year, is that if you’re in or near London between now and January 22, you should buy tickets to see Christ On A Bike, and if you’re not, go and see it somewhere regional. You won’t regret it. It is very funny and thought-provoking.

How do you like the new website. Pretty bloody cool, isn’t it?


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4 responses to “The Richard Herring Lectures

  1. Thomas O ⋅

    Yeah! Your blog is back, was a bit worried when the other one went down. Keep up the good work chaps.

  2. Rob

    The new site is lovely, but the “Done Tweeted” expression is a bit rubbish. Was a fan responsible for this? Just “Andrew’s Tweets” and “Richard’s Tweets” would be nicer.

    You have been brilliant this year, guys. Loved all of the podcasts and live shows. I really enjoyed Andrew’s early morning radio show this past week too. You’re a fantastic broadcaster, Mr. C.

  3. Guy

    Happy New Year Collings and Herrin!

    Thanks for cheering me up throughout the year. I will be sure to buy you both some biscuits if you come into my vicinity 🙂

  4. Matthew

    “Tweets” sounds ridiculous.
    Stick to “What we done tweeted”.

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