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The Andrew Collins Lectures

In this, our 146th podcast, we emerge from an abandoned first go, which descended into over-caffeinated shouting, but we kissed and made up, Andrew had a boiled egg, and we started anew. (You wouldn’t have liked it.) Thus, it’s conventional podcast satire ahoy, with a sideways look at Kenneth Tong, Colin Firth, Greg Davies, Edward Woollard, Simon and Kenny the guinea pigs, Sarah Palin, Steve Coogan, and the unfortunate but avoidable accident Richard had with a glass of sentimental value (seen here in jagged form before being responsibly disposed of). It’s great to be back. Click here to see how it’s doing.


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8 responses to “The Andrew Collins Lectures

  1. Seanmx ⋅

    Will the “Abandoned Podcast” ever be released?

  2. Jason Lane ⋅

    Anybody else having trouble downloading the latest podcast? iTunes wasn’t having it, so I tried the link at the end of this post, and the download link there isn’t working either. I’m just getting a “File not found” message.

    • collingsherrin ⋅

      Me too. I’ve asked Orange Mark to check it out. He had server problems last week that were beyond his control. They fixed themselves eventually, I think. Keep checking back.

  3. ben ⋅

    Another great (though strangely polite) podcast. Thankyou for making my boiling bike rides to work here in alice springs a little more bearable.

  4. Bryn ⋅

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned, but my former cat, RIP, knew how to open doors, wasn’t sure if it was confused by them. Perhaps locked doors, but she could definitely open unlocked ones…

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