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Phew! Having almost broken both this podcast and the 6 Music show since last week, we finally start to mend things. Richard suggests introducing a “safe word” to our sado-masochistic faux-marriage: GEOFF LLOYD. So, whenever Richard goes too far in his violent, psychotic bullying of what he believes to be a fictional character, Andrew can say “GEOFF LLOYD” and Richard must stop. You can hear this in action in Podcast 147, where we discuss the morality of comedians doing adverts – again! – and the danger of sounding like you’re jealous of Paddy McGuinness on Twitter when you are not. Richard also fantasises about being an undercover policeman in the 1970s. And, spoiler alert, Andrew only has to say “GEOFF LLOYD” once. Yes, we know it’s spelt GEOFF LLYOD in the picture.


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4 responses to “Safe

  1. Spence/TP

    I know of the “Angry God” email – actually I think it’s a combination of three emails, all circulated by my coworkers at one time or another. At one point everyone was freaking out because an email said that drinking cold water after a hot meal causes stomach cancer.

    I work in a hospital, in case that’s relevant.

  2. Patrick Foster ⋅

    Collings is sounding depressed. I hope he’s okay. Thanks for all the podcasts. First got into you in the Edinborough Fringe last year, inspired by the phrase “the gay one and the funny one” in one of the written reviews. A good summation, but Richard can be funny too sometimes, lol. Have listened to all the podcasts since then, some more than once. Great entertainment – thanks again. I hope you enjoy doing them enough to keep going!

  3. Thanks for keeping up the high rate of podcasts. I am excited to hear about the old stuff you have waiting to release when you have a break. Very thoughtful of you.

    It’s a shame that you were too early to cover Alan Johnson stepping down and being replaced be Ed Balls (full name: Edward Bollocks), it seems like a good topic for you guys to cover.

  4. Teason Bray ⋅

    Quite weird to hear Collings not taking the “it’s bad for artists to do adverts” line. Personally I agree with Herrin in this, but watch out for character continuity guys! Having heard the most recent podcast I also notice that Collings has now had “girlfriends” in his past! So you might want to show that these were girlfriends he had prior to coming out to himself, when he was still not sure about his own sexuality. It must be hard work though an bother!

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