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Belt up

Bonus! Even though Richard is mainlining pina collada with an umbrella made of existential disappointment stuck in the top in the Maldives with his imaginary girlfriend, we bring you Podcast 149, which was recorded (contrary to what we say in the intro) on October 29, 2010, in Richard’s VW Golf on the Eastbound M4 from Bristol to London. We hope you enjoy it, and especially the names on the sides of lorries that Andrew feels the Rain Man-style need to read out. There’s a very exciting bit where Richard has to stop to fill up the car with petrol. Another bonus podcast next week, even though Richard will still be in the Maldives, drowning in pina and collada.


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17 responses to “Belt up

  1. ben ⋅

    Great podcast. The part where andrew was alone was brilliant. Sounded like an old episode of marion and geoff without the crippling pathos.

  2. Vole ⋅

    Andrew’s commentary on people shopping at the petrol station is my favourite moment from any of the Collings & Herrin podcasts so far.

  3. Jason Lane ⋅

    Andrew’s comment at the start about Richard being either alive or dead essentially makes the latter Schrödinger’s Cat. It’s only when his new blog entries are viewed that we can know his actual state of being for sure.

    And in response to Richard’s assertation that all Welsh people eat laver bread and abuse children, I would just like to say that I don’t know any fellow Welshies who like laver bread. The other thing is true though. We all do it.

  4. Robert Llewellyn ⋅

    I really like these car-based episodes! More please!

    Having said that, I’m not suggesting you should both drive around aimlessly together in a car full of recording equipment purely for podcast reasons. That would be mental.

    Yours sincerely,

    Robert Llewellyn

  5. Steve Martin ⋅

    Hi just listening to the Podcast, good job as usual (so far as richard is just paying for the petrol), just thought i’d let you know you can find out which side of the car the petrol goes in by looking at the dashboard, whichever side the nozzle is on in the picture is the side you fill up! Go have a look!

  6. Frafka ⋅

    The song you’re trying to remember starts like this:

    #if your MANSION house needs haunting, just call Rentaghost#

  7. James Harvey ⋅

    Next podcast now please.

  8. Jason Lane ⋅

    Moon on a stick now please.

  9. James Harvey ⋅


    Why is this blog so heavily moderated? I’ve never known anything like it. Jason Lane’s comment above (“Moon on a stick now please”) is a reply to my comment, which was a blunt but obviously well-intended (as I am a FAN of the PODCAST) request for the next podcast to be “immediately” uploaded.

    But for some reason, after being approved at first, and replied to, my comment has now been deleted but Jason’s reply left untouched. I really don’t care about this, but I am surprised that a blog that exists purely to document such an easy-going project as the Collings and Herrin podcasts can’t tolerate the responses of the fans who support it.

    • Jason Lane ⋅

      I can’t speak for Andrew or Richard, or a third party if somebody else moderates the site in their absence, but I do think your use of “now” made it come across as a bit rude. To me, “Next podcast please” sounds friendly, but when you add the “now”, it just doesn’t. I know you didn’t mean it to sound that way, and that you were just requesting, rather than ordering (not that any of us could, as much as we enjoy each new instalment and could happily listen to a new one daily), but to me, that one word completely alters the entire feeling of the message. Hence my “moon on a stick” comment, which thankfully you took in the comedic spirit it was intended. I suppose it could have equally been misinterpreted. Sentiment can be notoriously difficult to judge in purely text form. If you’ve ever debated anything on a popular forum, such as the ones on the IMDb, you’re sure to have had something you wrote completely misunderstood at least once.

      You should have noticed that your original post has been reinstated now though, so your plea has obviously landed upon the ears of a benevolent god. Now, say three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and one Man And His Dog, and it’ll be as if it never happened. Gotta love plenary indulgence!

    • collingsherrin ⋅

      James, the blog is moderated just like any public blog might be moderated. It’s a public forum and public forums are wide open to abuse and spam. Your comment was deleted in error. It has been reinstated. Calm down now.

  10. Simon Parsons ⋅

    No, I can’t.

    With apologies if those three words come across as terse; it isn’t my intention.

    I notice that James Harvey’s comment does now have “please” in it, though, so perhaps I can’t speak for everyone.

    • James Harvey ⋅

      It always had “please” in it; I can’t edit my comments either. In any case, thinking a comment doesn’t have “please” in it (regardless of whether a closer look would prove that first thought wrong) would be a daft reason to delete it from a blog rather than (for example) approving the comment and then letting discussion occur if it’s in any way controversial. Far better than trigger-happy moderation of a blog that responds to a podcast in which “cunt” isn’t even a bad word.

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