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We love 2006

Bonus! Another one! Even though Richard is still in the Maldives, or an adjacent morgue, wearing a Sombrero or whatever people wear in the Maldives, here is another bonus podcast, this time with an historic and even archeological twist. Think back to the end of 2006, when podcasts were still a new-fangled invention, and Andrew had his own weekend show on 6 Music, on which Richard appeared each week as a guest, for half an hour. This is the “pretend podcast” version of one of those guest appearances, badly mixed in Richard’s favour, and full of bonhomie and reverence. We hope you enjoy this memento and that it makes you feel that you have turned back time. (Eagle-eyed nerds will spot that the accompanying pic is from early 2007, but it’s close enough.) You don’t deserve us.


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4 responses to “We love 2006

  1. Adam Smith ⋅

    Can we have the old Richard back?

    Or was that the ‘real’ Richard, and since then he has affected his ‘grumpier’ persona. Minor Celebrity has changed you Richard Herring! Get back on the booze 😉

    I certainly think the podcast was much more interesting miked that way mind. I’m curious though because I’d have thought that the BBC would have just taken the real show and cut it up for the podcast than record it separately.

    That was great though, thanks.

  2. Ian ⋅

    I can remember listening to that first time around, believe it or not. I remember Richard talking about not being on the TV but being on a podcast “well, it’s a sort of podcast.” Good find.

  3. James Harvey ⋅

    When you come back from your break, I was wondering if you could reflect and comment on this:

    It’s terrible, but at the moment it looks like hardly anybody is going to know about it, and it’ll be swept under the carpet before the next general election.

  4. Johnathan C ⋅

    Or how about commenting on Gallagher walking out on Marc Maron’s podcast? Not that a) no one knows who Gallagher is on the UK and b) this will get through the moderation, apparently.

    Alternatively, how about talking about Sapphire and Steel? Yeah, let those baby blues glow, Joanna, with the steel I’m packing for you right here.

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