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Hi, my name is Larry

Richard’s back from Maldives International with some colour in his cheeks, a whiff of seafood curry about his pores and some exciting seabird knowledge, Andrew’s back from Braintree Freeport railway station with far too much information about David Cameron’s Big Society, two new 6 Music boyfriends and a Radio 4 casting-couch pass, and we’re back in the attic for Podcast 150, a good-natured catch-up after two weeks’ break from each other in which we discuss the malleable nature of xenophobia, the etiquette of squirting lagoon water out of your mouth while honeymoon couples are eating nearby and the sweetness of Larry the Downing Street cat. It goes a bit weird at one point, but we rise above it, despite jetlag. [WARNING: CONTAINS SONG!]


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6 responses to “Hi, my name is Larry

  1. Rob ⋅

    In this picture it looks like a tiny, hairy armed child is trying to pull at Richard’s beard

  2. Rick Spencer ⋅

    Thanks for keeping Coca Cola in our minds lads, good job. Way better than accepting tokens from fans in exchange for dedications.

  3. Jason Lane ⋅

    I agree. Braintree Freeport really does sound like something you’d find in a Dick book.

    Philip K., I mean, rather than Richard’s dick book.

  4. Susan Weeks ⋅

    Great! A question for Andrew Collins: Which is your favourite Wallace and Gromit film?

    • collingsherrin ⋅

      The Wrong Trousers, which is presumably everybody’s favourite Wallace and Gromit film? (Did I mention that I have touched Gromit?)

      • Susan Weeks ⋅

        I have a faint memory that you said you’d touched Gromit, but of course there are many models and part-models of him that are used in the films now. On one of the Were-Rabbit DVD featurettes, Nick Park says he finds it hard to pass a Gromit model without picking it up and honing it to his own liking in some way. Otherwise the Aardman process seems a bit industrial now, with all its staff and the shortcuts they’ve made to make animating faster.

        The Wrong Trousers is my favourite too, but a lot of people, unbelievably, find A Close Shave to be better! Obviously, they are wrong, and I suspect if you were to probe their interests further, you’d find them quite generally taken in by projects that seem rushed and caricatured.

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