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Three per household

Richard is officially on tour of this land, ergo we enter a tricky period in the Collings & Herrin podcasting calendar, and will get together whenever we can. However, we will be recording two for every one, so that “spares” will be in the tank and ready to release in our dual absence. We’re really not sure you deserve it. Anyhow. In Podcast 151, fuelled in Richard’s case by a variety of different caffeine sources, we celebrate the Royal Engagement Gold Plated Photographic Coin, available for £39.99 +£3.99 postage and packaging but only three per household, the impression of a bloated spider being pulled off currently by Colonel Gadaffi, the suicide of Masterchef, the sexual allure of Russell Kane in a dress and its significance towards a utopian future in which all men and ladies have the same equipment, and we mark the sad passing of Brigadier Letherbridge Stewart off of Doctor Who (1969-1989). Also, do you, like Peet Clack, think Andrew looks like this Muppet?


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7 responses to “Three per household

  1. Steve Metcalfe ⋅

    That muppet looks more like Jay Rayner off of The One Show to me.

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  3. hamburger ⋅

    Hi – I’ve heard in regards to the asparagus making you pee thing, that there is a chemical in the brain which makes sure your body retains water, and alcohol for one suppresses this chemical which results in an increased need to urinate… not sure if the same thing with asparagus but I would imagine it is:

  4. Susan Weeks ⋅

    If I had been told to make a muppet version of Andrew, I might tend towards the one shown in that picture, minus the moustache. I would pick that one to represent Andrew above Kermit the Frog and Big Bird, let me put it that way. Basically, that’s a generic human face in the world of the muppets, so you could use it for Rowan Atkinson, Mark Steel or any other male with black hair (randomly picked, like those two were).

    So I’m guessing that the guy who did that was looking for the muppet most similar to Andrew, rather than stumbling through a muppet magazine with an empty mind. The only other connection is the way the muppet is smiling – in a number of the podcast pictures Andrew has displayed a cartoon-expressiveness for the camera that *kind of* borders on that.

  5. Rick Spencer ⋅

    Andrew, do you think that muppet resembles Mark Steel, or would be completed with a Mark Steel voice? That’s a more objective way for you to consider it.

  6. I could point out to those seriously discussing the resemblance of Andrew Collins to the Muppet Lew Zealand, that it was mere whimsy on my part, and it was based on his wide smile, and shapely chin. I realise that Andrew is not of orangey-yellow complexion, possesses teeth and does not sport an outrageous moustache . He also has a real nose and does not, as far as I know, wear a ruff and juggle fish.I can only apologise if I have given a false impression of Mr.Andrew Collins to the general public. He is, as far as I know, a lovely man. Peet!x

  7. Patrick Gayosen ⋅

    Woohoo! Only for 12 weeks, sadly, but regardless: YIPPEEE!! 😀

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