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Fly away home

Richard’s back! For one day only! So we present a brand new, topical podcast, Number 154 (numbered after the excellent 1979 album by the post-punk group Wire, one of Richard’s favourites). Rather than dwell on the horrible geological events in Japan, we turn instead to the last two weeks of Richard’s tour and go through his diary looking for interesting stories to tell. While he was away, battling Christians and Psychic Sally, Andrew had the quietest birthday ever and experienced the most emotionally draining week of his professional life, while accidentally keeping up with the money bid on his much more successful colleague on Twitrelief, a charity initiative misunderstood by some idiots. Also featuring: a guest star from the world of insects: this possibly radioactive ladybird, followed by its tiny son or daughter.


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One response to “Fly away home

  1. peetclack ⋅

    Ladybirds are the tigers of the bug/insect world. They eat greenfly and other juicy insects! Yum!!

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