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Bonus! In the latest of our free, Richard-is-on-tour, back-up, pre-recorded podcasts from the past for the future, we reach 155, a non-topical game of two halves. In the first half, we have a chin-stroking, Newsnight Review-style discussion of American comedy, from Larry Sanders and Zack Garofolo (as we call him, for convenience) to Fat Bastard and Kenny Powers. Then, in the second half, we take subjects from Twitter suggestions, and end up talking about cleaning anuses and watching slow motion footage of birds having practical, procreative sex. And for lovers of pens, here is a picture of all of the pens (and one IKEA pencil) from the small pocket in Andrew’s man bag.


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  1. I don’t know if you know, but in regards to the 30 Rock live episode they actually did it twice due to the differing broadcast times for the East and West Coasts, and the shows actually had slight differences. For example, in the East Coast version Jenna sang the opening song, and in Jon Hamm’s advert the replacement hand was a criminal’s which tried to strangle him. In the West Coast version, the male Canadian cast member (can’t remember the character’s name) sang the opening theme, and in Jon Hamm’s advert the replacement hand a woman’s, which proceeded to go downtown! I seem to recall there were few alternate dialogue lines too.

    I thought the overall comedic timing was better in the second version, but oddly enough they actually made quite a few more mistakes during that performance.

  2. You were worried the latest podcast would be boring, what with all the talk about American TV shows. I found it very interesting. More so than the later ‘anus talk’. I am more interested in American comedy than anuses. I kept wanting to chime in and say, ‘actually…’.

    For instance, Jay Leno is famous for being a workaholic and not having guest hosts. Only once or twice has that happened, in contrast to Johnny Carson, for whom Garry Shandling did guest host several times. It was said that Garry Shandling could have had a talk show of his own, but (thankfully) went a different direction. Jon Stewart has never guest hosted but did have a short lived talk show of his own on MTV.

    Dana Carvey was on Letterman the other night, looking well, being funny (doing an excellent Johnny Carson impression, showing how it can be tweaked to be a Charlie Sheen impression), and promoting some stand-up shows.

    Also, Judd Apatow was very into comedy as a kid and recorded interviews with comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and, years before he went to work for him, Garry Shandling. They’re pretty good interviews considering he was only 16. Marc Maron played parts of them on his podcast.

    PS. If in a future podcast you have a choice about discussing television comedy or anuses again, I would prefer less anus talk.

    Thank you.

  3. Cheers Andrew
    Listening to 155…i think i *out-trivia* you both on Larry Sanders could be my “specialist” subject.I am definitely a Sanders bore…
    Ultimately, Jon Stewart “takes over” the “Larry Sanders Show”.(His *real-life* hosting of “The DailyShow” almost seemed to me to be a natural extention of his taking over Larry’s spot.)
    He becomes a regular *guest host* at first gets all the naff guests , takes it out on Hank,getting him to do a whole Hitler/jewish thing(annoying the “Network”)… has the “Wu Tang Clan” on also embarrassing Hank (“which one’s Old Dirty Bitch?” ooooh!)
    I found the whole scenario an absolute blast…Art imitating life/ life imitating art and all that,as Garry Shandling and Jon Stewart were both represented by Brillstien and Grey..and appeared to also clash in reality as a result..
    The “Network” want Jon, Larry and Hank are marginalised and squeezed out.(“Get rid of the desk”…”bring back the desk”…the desk ends up in the dumpster) .It’s the most tragi-comic stuff ever…and i was in love with Janeanne Garafalo.
    Then there is the whole cross-over with Seinfeld (made more obvious in the U.K by running as a “double-feature” on BBC2 after Newsnight of course..i am a Seinfeld bore also!) Jerry is the top “guest host” (first on the list,when Larry is sick) Jason Alexander is on several times( offended by the Hitler routine…walks off )Hank falls asleep on Jerry’s couch (THE Seinfeld set couch,which is on next soundstage )missing the launch of the “lookaround cafe”
    Other names featured:- Scott (Kids In the Hall) Thomson, Mary Lynn Rajskub ( Cloe in “24”)… Penny Johnson his long-suffering P.A *Bev-er-ley* (“does my ass look fat in these pants?”) was Sherry (President Palmer’s wife) also in “24”…Bob Odenkirk of course lately in “Breaking Bad” is Stevie, Larry’s manager..and yes! Judd Apatow comes in as a producer after about three series i think.Main writers with Shandling are Dennis Klein and Peter Tolan…Tod Holland (directer) Brad Grey , Bernie Brillstien Francine Maisler and Peter Smokler are other names burned indelibly into the retinas of the Larry Sanders fan…with the accompaniement of that cheesy “rockin’ tha blues” theme tune! I could also go on about the production values with the crispness of video-tape for the “on-air” stuff,and a grainy film-stock look for “backstage”…oh yes!
    With special thanks to Roy London!

  4. An additional thought re Garry Shandling..i had the misfortune to sit through the complete waste of celluliod or DVD plastic ,or whatever, that is “Iron Man 2” the other day. My dismay at the uselessness of it was only added to by seeing just how orange and puffy-faced Garry Shandling looked.
    He really did NOT look good,whether it’s botox or eye-bag surgery,and this in a film with Mickey Rourke!
    His “ass” looked ok.

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