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The wrong trousers

From the tank where we put all our spare podcasts (it is not really a tank of any kind), we present Podcast 156, which we recorded two weeks ago and is thus built around questions posed on March 15 by people on Twitter, some of whom were so greedy and megalomaniacal they posted a number of questions. You’ll have to listen to it to find out which ones inspired us, and which ones didn’t, and whether being a retired headmaster is harder than being a nationally known standup comedian. As you will see from the picture, Richard had just come back from a run to put this one in the tank, and is wearing shorts. Andrew is wearing long trousers. (Richard is back, briefly, next Tuesday, so another “live” one will be recorded, plus a further spare for the tank. It is not a tank.)


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15 responses to “The wrong trousers

  1. Just to let you know the hilarious Sony Nominated Answer Me This Podcast has just revealed that the “i” in apple products stands for the inventor Ian Pod, Pad etc . . . where do they get this stuff?

  2. pkx166h

    jesus H C&H, I know it’s ‘funny’ to be a tech-luddites, but come on..125mb for an hours wort of speaking?

    The size of the file is getting silly now…to give you an idea your podcast of just talking is the third of the size of a typical hour and a half TV show IN STEREO! It’s getting to nearly three times the size of the old ones

    It would take orange mark 5 minutes tops to resample this down to something more manageable…we don’t all live in cities where broadband is super fast…4 hours to download…get a grip!

    • collingsherrin ⋅

      Did you not read the blurb? It’s a brand new machine we’re using. We don’t know how to use it yet. If one of us wasn’t on tour, and the other one very busy on other things, and we had longer than a couple of hours to RECORD TWO PODCASTS SO THAT YOU – YES, YOU – WOULDN’T HAVE TO GO ONE WEEK WITHOUT A NEW ONE TO DOWNLOAD, we’d have worked out how to reduce to file size. Which we will next time. Stop moaning, you big misery.

      • pkx166h

        The idea of Itunes is that it downloads automatically, so how on earth can I ‘read’ anything if I’m subscribe?

        I just find my whole internet connection grinding to a halt for 2 hours.

        yes I get you have new equipment, but correct me if I am wrong it isn’t YOU that posts the file as you keep telling us hence my Orange Mark comment.

        As for waiting two weeks, well it’s taking two weeks to bloody well download.

        So I might as well have waited. I’m not being a misery, just like you seem to understand certain accepted and unaccepted behaviour with technology like Twitter and the like this is the same thing, it’s just inconsiderate and not funny at all.

      • collingsherrin ⋅

        It sounds to me like your enjoyment, if any, of the podcast, is far outweighed by the annoyance at technical issues. You need to decide whether it’s worth it. (We fully intended to work on the file size issue the next time we are in the same room, which will be at the end of next week.) Can you not cancel the download if it’s taking too long? That’s what I would do.

        For the record, Orange Mark does not work for us. He very kindly publishes our podcast for us. We’re all doing this for the love of doing it, ultimately. You are being a misery, by the way, by telling us that we are inconsiderate and not funny when we are making a massive effort to keep this thing going by recording multiple podcasts when we get the chance to meet while Richard is already on a back-breaking tour. You get all this free, and have done since March 2008.

      • greencalx123 ⋅

        How come it’s taking 2 hours to download the podcast? You need to get a decent connection, tech-luddite.

        “to give you an idea your podcast of just talking is the third of the size of a typical hour and a half TV show IN STEREO!”
        You forgot to say ‘extremely poor quality’.

        Anyway, thanks Collins and Herring, the sound is excellent. Listening on headphones, it’s sounds like you’re sitting right next to me. That’ll take a bit of getting used to.

    • Simon

      Yes the file’s a bit big – probably as it’s recorded at 256kbps, rather than 128kbps like the others, which is why the size doubles – but they mention this straight away. It was only 60Mb bigger than usual (and sounded great – not that I was an audiophile on this anyway). Sorry, pkx166h, but it *is* a bit cheeky to complain about something that’s given free and exists purely to make you laugh during your day. And it’s you that controls your broadband and iTunes settings. Richard and Andrew are considerably busier now – with all the formats they work in – than they were in 2008. They don’t need to do this – it’s to their credit they take it/us/you seriously enough to buy a new digital recorder and put podcasts ‘in the bank’ to keep it weekly. I’m sure you recognise that a pat on the back and a thank you occasionally is probably better time spent than a whinge. And well deserved. Come on pkx166h – just say ‘My bad – I enjoyed it really’ while staring down at your feet. C’mon, Podcast 157 has Andrew’s Twitter story in it! Best to all.

      • pkx166h

        Thanks for the feedback Andrew, glad you took a perfectly valid point and then PROCEEDED TO BERATE ME FOR IT IN BIG SHOUTY CAPITALS…very constructive. Yes I realised you made a mistake *after* the download had started and I had figured out what was going on, then you berated me for not reading something that I had no knowledge of.

        As to deciding whether it was worth it…I already wasn’t.

        I’ve unsubscribed, so I guess if I remember to and if I then can be bothered to download it manually I’ll continue to listen. I’m sure you won’t miss me.

        but I still can’t believe that Orange Mark didn’t even comment – shame on him is all I can say.

        By the way greencalc123 look up the word luddite before you start calling people it, I have no choice which Telephone company I use (as I expect you don’t either unless you have cable) and in case you are not aware, unless you have cable, then the ‘last mile’ is still controlled by that same telephone company no matter which ISP you have.

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  4. peetclack ⋅

    ptthhhhhppt!666 or whatever their name is, is definitely a misery. This is FREE!! It’s like getting a coupon out of the paper and trudging into town for a free bottle of Sunny Delight, then moaning that you don’t like Sunny Delight! It didn’t take long on my ‘old’ macbook, and in any case I can go and make a cup of tea…. I like the tossercan, or whatever it’s called? It sounds like you’re in the room with me-I found some of the recent pre-tosser podcasts a bit quiet even with the volume at max. Keep bringing my weekly doses of joy.
    Peet (not a misery) Clack

    • It took my wheezy old Windows 98 PC on standard home broadband an entire four minutes to download fast-approaching the 170th totally FREE C+H podcast. The choice is always there not to download files if one has a slow connection.

      Mind you, when I had ‘flu & tonsillitis last week, that nice Mr Collings didn’t come & sit in for me at my work like he did for Shaun Keaveney, so should I complain & be an ungrateful misery?

      Great news about the Boston Twitter Andrew Collins – what a nice chap.

    • pkx166h

      Actually no it’s not.

      I’ll tell you what it is like if you want a better analogy, it’s like getting a newspaper for free but instead of it just being shoved through your letter box in one nice easy thunk, it’s posted on Tabloid paper, one word at a time for every single story in the newspaper and that no one can use your front door until every single word has been posted through.

      it also has nothing to do with ‘old mac books’ or ‘old xps’ or old whatever…it has everything to do with the speed of the connection from your telephone to the exchange and then if they have bothered..ah whats the point explaining..i don’t need to justify your ignorance of the technology.

      Most computers since about 1990 have been able to transmit faster data than the average upload/download speeds that most ADSL can today.

      • collingsherrin ⋅

        You do seem like a cross person, pkx166h. Surely there must be better targets for your ire than a free podcast made by two idiots. (You started the CAPITAL LETTERS by the way.) You wound me up because of your rude tone, not because of your valid observation that the file size was too big. And the implication that Orange Mark should be running around sorting everybody out when he is a very nice man who runs a website and publishes our podcasts out of the kindness of his orange heart. “Shame on him!” you say? “Shame”? Really? You don’t own him.

      • peetclack ⋅

        Okay. I’ll bite for once. Normally I don’t really have time to get into tiresome online arguments. However (notice I didn’t say ‘but’-ha ha!) pkx166h- Andrew & Richard provide this podcast free of charge for people who appreciate their work and admire their particular brand of humour. It is by no means a requirement for you to download it. If your computer is unable to download the podcast, why are you complaining? Castigate your internet provider instead, as most people are obviously able to with no problem. Take a deep breath and let the crossness fade and repeat after me….”I am calmness, and the humour is within me…….” ;o)

  5. crumulunt ⋅

    pkx possibly didn’t put it the right way, but may have had a point about netiquette. There may be an unwritten rule that podcasts shouldn’t fluctuate too wildly in size. But obviously with rough and ready podcasts like C&H we can’t expect too much technical wizardry: surely that’s the whole point of this podcast?

    Having said that, I suppose I was a bit surprised that Orange Mark didn’t shrink the file himself, even though it’s not his job: if my cruddy maths are correct, if the episode was 60mb larger than normal and downloaded 20,000 times, that’s an excess transfer of 1200gb. Wowzers! Who’s paying for this mutha?

    I ask that quite seriously, because I don’t want whoever’s footing the bill to pull the plug on all this free entertainment I’ve been conditioned to expect!

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