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What do you think about AV?

Another from the tank again this week, Podcast 159 was recorded two weeks ago, and is, as is now traditional, based upon your questions posed via the miracle of Twitter. Such as: what object would you rescue in a fire (the clue is pictured – listen to the podcast to find out why!), what do you think of AV (yes, some of the questions were that interesting), could you beat Adam and Joe in a fight, have you broken a bone, which three comedy sketches would you take to a desert island and what would we do if we passed Steve Coogan in the corridor: nod, or stop and chat? I bet you’re dying to find out what our answers were!


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2 responses to “What do you think about AV?

  1. A week late, but there is a recognised link between wheat-based breakfast cereals and wallpaper stripping farts.

  2. I don’t know if it’s ever been done previously, but Richard’s long-mentioned idea of a clips show made up of all new clips was done on the latest episode of Community. Episode 21 of season 2, if you’re interested.

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