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Four Kindles?

Another one from the tank! In our tireless quest to keep you all topped up at all times until we are all dead, we present another pre-record, Podcast 160 – a very unhelpful score in darts –  in which we answer questions posed via Twitter two weeks ago. Because we had threatened to record this one while assembling Richard’s new snooker table, many of the questions were snooker related (and not all of them as hilarious as “Pink or brown?”), but some weren’t, which means we cover areas as diverse and rich as the cruelty or otherwise of zoos, the death of the printed page in our lifetimes and which is better, Big Break or Pot Black? In the action shot to accompany this Moral Maze-style podcast, Andrew tries to defeat Richard’s electronic handheld device with his old-fashioned paper-based handheld device called a rolled-up New Yorker magazine.


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2 responses to “Four Kindles?

  1. Thank you for including both my questions in the Podcast. I am both @fullscaleman and @glasgowchivas on Twitter and had the honour of submitting the best question (Planet of Apes vs Land of Giants) and the worst ( Sophie’s Choice: Mum or Dad?) . It really cheered up my walk to work to hear both get mentioned and to hear Richard talkabout bumming a monkey free from judgement and to hear Andrew repulsed by the idea of Pa/Matricide.

    Darren Goodfellow

  2. spaced1999 ⋅

    I thought you might be interested that you both turned up in an online survey about celebrity authors:

    Although the survey focused more on Danny Wallace, Dave Gorman and Stuart Maconie:

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