It’s Podcast 164, which shall be called Podcast 165, because we can’t count. No, it is 164. It is. Because the last one was 163, which is the number that comes before it. The question is: will it be the LAST EVER Collings & Herrin Podcast? The two double espressos inside Richard’s system certainly did their best to make it so, as did the combined force of three machines of loving grace: the Tascam DR-100 which refused to reformat itself in time for us to use it, and was still reformatting when we’d finished, and our two Macs (Richard’s GarageBand broke down, and so did Andrew’s, at different points, and for different reasons, except it was the same reason, which is: The Terminator is coming true). Anyway, Ryan Giggs, Imogen Thomas, Art Blakey, Barack Obama, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rufus Hound … these are some of the people we talk about. But only one of them is a magic pixie. Find out who by listening to what may be the longest podcast we’ve ever done. But it may be our last. So. This podcast was not sponsored by Paddy Power.


Squash burn

In podcast 163, we start free-forming and spitballing Richard’s next Edinburgh show, What Is Love Anyway?, by having a shouting match about whether Prince Charles fancies Camilla Parker-Bowles, his wife, more than he fancies Pippa Middleton, the sister of his daughter-in-law, and if, when asked, he says he does fancy Camilla more than Pippa, he’s lying or simply making a compromise based on the sum of her parts. It’s going to be a hell of a show. Despite being a little frazzled between a 60-mile train journey from Northampton and a whole day’s worth of DVD extras to film for Chris Evans Not That One, and a double-gig to perform at London’s Leicester Square Theatre, we still manage to squeeze some slightly grumpy and prudish gold out of Russell Brand’s trousers, the objective/subjective quality of Richard’s 43-year-old rump and whether or not Andrew has reviewed Attack The Block. (In the picture is a nice kitten, and the knee of Richard’s ripped tracksuit bottoms, which is a squash burn.) He has reviewed Attack The Block.


Yes! (That’s: YES!) First with all the big news stories, we devote the whole of Podcast 161 to – SPOILER ALERT! – the news that a man has been killed in another country who may or may not have been armed and may or may not have used a woman as a shield. We don’t actually, but because Richard has – YES! – been booked at the very last minute to do Radio 4’s The News Quiz, he is suddenly all keen to do topical material and work up some of the most obvious gags he can think of. We also cover the – YES! – continuing christian jihad against his show Christ On A Bike as it rolls, relatively unharmed, out of the infidel badlands of East Anglia and into the underpopulated wilds of Presbytarian Scotland. And by the way, they do collect the bins on a Bank Holiday. YES, they do.