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Yes! (That’s: YES!) First with all the big news stories, we devote the whole of Podcast 161 to – SPOILER ALERT! – the news that a man has been killed in another country who may or may not have been armed and may or may not have used a woman as a shield. We don’t actually, but because Richard has – YES! – been booked at the very last minute to do Radio 4’s The News Quiz, he is suddenly all keen to do topical material and work up some of the most obvious gags he can think of. We also cover the – YES! – continuing christian jihad against his show Christ On A Bike as it rolls, relatively unharmed, out of the infidel badlands of East Anglia and into the underpopulated wilds of Presbytarian Scotland. And by the way, they do collect the bins on a Bank Holiday. YES, they do.


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  1. spaced1999 ⋅

    When I read that bin Laden used his wife as a human shield, it just reminded me of Eamonn Holmes:

  2. Great news about Fist of Fun finally being officially released. I have both series already, and watch them quite regularly, but they were taken from a not particularly good VHS source, so the better quality versions – not to mention all-new extras – will be fantastic.

    Fingers crossed this might mean a TMWRNJ release at some point too!

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