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It’s Podcast 164, which shall be called Podcast 165, because we can’t count. No, it is 164. It is. Because the last one was 163, which is the number that comes before it. The question is: will it be the LAST EVER Collings & Herrin Podcast? The two double espressos inside Richard’s system certainly did their best to make it so, as did the combined force of three machines of loving grace: the Tascam DR-100 which refused to reformat itself in time for us to use it, and was still reformatting when we’d finished, and our two Macs (Richard’s GarageBand broke down, and so did Andrew’s, at different points, and for different reasons, except it was the same reason, which is: The Terminator is coming true). Anyway, Ryan Giggs, Imogen Thomas, Art Blakey, Barack Obama, Benedict Cumberbatch, Rufus Hound … these are some of the people we talk about. But only one of them is a magic pixie. Find out who by listening to what may be the longest podcast we’ve ever done. But it may be our last. So. This podcast was not sponsored by Paddy Power.


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One response to “Coppola

  1. pkx166h

    Andrew, re: documents that you cannot open.

    To change the permissions of a folder (or file – it’s easier if you can do the whole folder).

    Select the folder (click once on it).
    Then go the file menu and select ‘get info’
    A long window will pop up, look down in the very lower right for the padlock icon.
    Click on it so that it ‘unlocks’ (you will need to enter your password for this computer)
    Once the padlock has unlocked, you can see slightly above the padlock the sharing and permissions window.
    This is where you change the permissions. From here you can simply select ‘you’ and change the permissions to ‘Read and Write’.

    Normally you can do a complete folder and all its contents in one go. But you can also do individual files this way too.

    Then when you are done, and if you are slightly paranoid, click back on the lock icon to re-lock the files with the new permissions.

    You can also do this in the ‘terminal’ application but I am not sure if you are comfortable with using the ‘command line’.

    I hope this helps.

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