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In Podcast 166, Richard takes sluggish to new levels and Andrew singularly fails to awaken the Kracken of his usually ebullient personality, even when he reveals that Malcolm X wrote a prototype of the famous joke, “I’m not saying I’m Jesus, that is for other people to say,” and tries to recruit him for further singalongs, including The Dambusters Theme. Further attempts are made to enliven Richard for what must surely be our last podcast if he keeps this up, including a potentially lively discussion about politically correct censorship of dogs and centipedes, during which Richard inadvertently conceives his next two BBC pitches. (You’ll have to listen to find out what they are.) Meanwhile, his actual BBC comedy drama script languishes unwritten for over an hour, with the last word written – “help” – taking on a whole new profound significance. We can only apologise. Blame Ricky Gervais at the Seinfeld aftershow. And yes, that is the turquoise plastic fork that is the envy of tiny babies everywhere.


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3 responses to “Digger

  1. 6 shots?!!!! That’s chuffing insane! I feel sick if I have 3! And I’m a 6ft chunky man….

  2. Great discussion about The Dam Busters dog renaming. I agree with Andrew’s idea that “Digger” is too conspicuously close to the N-Word, something completely different should be used. “Blackie” would be good because they could stay true to the dog being named after its colour without using such a racially loaded word, or one that rhymes with it.
    This reminded me of some retrospective censorship in Bottom. There is an episode where Richie, on returning home from the fairground, realises that he has been pick-pocketed. “Those damn gyppos!”, he exclaims. In the DVD version of this episode, this has been dubbed over to “those damn yobbos!”. I wouldn’t have noticed this if it wasn’t for the fact that, hilariously, the chapter title for that part of the episode is entitled “Those damn gyppos!”. Whoops!

  3. Josué

    The last minute and five seconds of this podcast consisted of a clip from a recent Adam and Joe podcast. Has my iPod gone all wrong?

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