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21 Weeks Later …

No preamble. Podcast 167 comes exactly 21 weeks after Podcast 166, due to philosophical differences. Here we are again. Same attic, same settee, same hardware, same mugs, same lighting, less clutter, slightly different feng shui, nothing to prove, and arguably too much to talk about, and argue about. Does it work? Only you can decide.


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26 responses to “21 Weeks Later …

  1. Stuart ⋅


  2. Temporal Duke ⋅

    Delighted that mah favourite podcasters are back. Long may it continue.

  3. Sebastian M ⋅

    Excellent stuff.

  4. Cant wait, summer has been crap without you both


  5. @SergProtectorat ⋅

    Collings & Herrin still refused to leave the dollhouse…

  6. Kip Hakes

    Yay! Welcome back! Even more gobsmacked to hear me being mentioned! 🙂

  7. AndyMcH

    This is a beautiful day. Having said that, I’ve not heard it yet…

  8. mark ⋅

    not listened to it yet, but i`m so glad you`re back!

  9. About time chaps. Whoo and possibly hooo

  10. John ⋅

    Good. Welcome back.

  11. David J ⋅

    Welcome back!

  12. Lee D ⋅

    At last. The podwaves have been very dull without it.

    It didn’t start to feel like a C&H until it was reaching the end. Richard was too calm for the rest of it and Andrew sounded reluctant to offer more of his alternative lifestyle views like milking oats for sustenance.

    Also slightly disappointed that No.73 was not mentioned when Andrea Arnold came up.

    Hopefully you’ll get back to a weekly podcast overload and the old rhythm and abuse comes back.

  13. After an understandably awkward start, there was some very good stuff. However, Richard is clearly still hurting and I felt uncomfortable with the number of digs directed at Andrew throughout the show. Perhaps an on-air bumming is required at the start of each podcast to clear the air. Anyway, it’s great to see you back together and hope it’s for the long haul. C&H is by far the best podcast out there.

  14. Please don’t do this. You just go on and on and on. And it’s not funny.

  15. I always thought that the C&H podcast wouldn’t be the C&H podcast without Herring’s podcast persona being preeminent but after listening back to the stuff that you did on the radio, I like the ‘level playing field’ banter just as much. I really hope that you both find a way to keep producing these into the future. Really glad to have you back.

  16. greasedtea ⋅

    So good to have you back together- I’ve missed C&H, and had listened to all the old podcasts many times over already. Hope all continues to go well. I’m sure “Vaginal frubes” will be a well-established catchphrase before you know it.
    Welcome back guys.

    PS- I am not a spunkfox, I am a human being.

  17. Glad to hear you both back again, I don’t know who was more tense, you two, or me listening!

    I hope you carry it on, how about fortnightly or monthly if it means a more enjoyable job for you both? Please don’t cave each other’s heads in, or at least if you do make sure the Taskam and/or Macbook is recording it.

    Perhaps I won’t have to die fat/ter, lazy/ier, early/ier death, now that I don’t have the excuse of not being able to face the miles walking in the forest without you after all :¬D

  18. Thank fuck for that. I can stop listening to the old ones now

  19. So good to have the podcasts back!

    I almost forgot what a fucking idiot Andrew is. 😉

  20. The C&H podcast is back, and its every bit as good as it was.

  21. It works. The whole 6music thing just adds another layer to the relationship – which was anyway based on Herring telling Collins he was a fucking idiot. Now he is a duplicitous idiot.

    Anyway, nice stuff on the Gervais incident.

  22. Thank you very, very much. I can stop learning French whilst walking the dog now. ne vous arrêtez pas à nouveau, je vous avez manqué beaucoup.

  23. Great to hear them back together, making each other laugh. The podcast was a very enjoyable listen with the only tension occuring when RH was reflecting on the6Music situation.
    Is a “clear the air” podcast about the issue required to help these friends get things off their chests or would this make the matter worse?

  24. nice to see collings and herring is back 🙂 honestly, for the firsipt episode back together, it seemed to go quite well, i’m not sure what happened between Andrew & Richard, but it started tense. however, it started to pick up about half way through and i really hope that you both keep these podcasts up 🙂

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