Be gentle with us: this is only the second time we have recorded a podcast – Podcast 158 – using the new Tosscom DR-10000000 digital recorder, whose HD sound quality was so good last time that audiophiles threw their hats in the air and jumped for joy … before catching their hats, putting them back on and starting to complain and moan and whine about the large file size. Give us a break. It was the first time we’d used the thing! And Richard is on tour! And he’s all tired! And we’re both very busy! And we’re recording two at a time! For you! You ungrateful bastards! Anyway, let’s hope this file size is more agreeable to you, and that you don’t fall asleep at the end like Richard did. We dedicate this podcast to James Bull and Jonathan Williams (pictured) and we hope their second date goes well.